If we save one life, we save the world.

If we save one life, we save the world.

If we save one life, we save the world.If we save one life, we save the world.

Our Story

Dead Poets Foundation was founded in 2019 by Mariel Hemingway – actor, best selling writer, and advocate; Nicola Carpinelli – renowned artist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian; and Dr. Howard Asher – one of the nation’s leading trauma specialists, author, and lecturer. This trio created and presented their first Dead Poets Exhibit in Bend, Oregon. Bend is a beautiful idyllic community where ironically and tragically it suffers one of the highest rates of suicide in the country.

The exhibit was attended by a crowd that overflowed the venue. The many who couldn’t be inside were able to view the event from television monitors positioned outside the gallery. There was huge interest and response generated by a full spectrum of media coverage. The event was an overwhelming success.

Mariel, Nicola, and "Dr. Howard” knew they had delivered something special in this event – they connected.   

Our Founders

Mariel Hemingway



Mariel Hemingway is our advocate – our champion and voice. Enduring the tragedy and effects of multiple suicides in her family, Mariel was able to break the chain of self-destruction and live a proactive life of meaning and giving. 

Nicola Carpinelli



Nicola Carpinelli is our drive – our artist and inspiration. Having struggled with impulses of suicidal thoughts Nicola is the example of possibility. He cultivated positive resources; and through self expression and creativity dug deep to tap into the essence of life.

Dr. Howard Asher



Dr. Asher is our clinical expert – our mentor of insights. Dr. Asher is one of the leading trauma specialists in the nation. His expertise in mental health includes mood disorders, substance addiction, and family dynamics. Dr. Asher brings his own brand of understanding with a keen perspective on life and the challenge of living.

Mariel, Nicola, and "Dr. Howard" – The Trio


"The trio” is dedicated to turn the trajectory of suicide downward. Your donation will help Dead Poets Foundation increase awareness of suicide and its prevention. Your contribution will help Dead Poets Foundation provide resources to those in broken situations. Your help makes it possible for Dead Poets Foundation to shine the light of hope on those who struggle with thoughts of suicide. Your generosity makes it possible for Dead Poets Foundation to continue the connection started in Bend, Oregon. 

Your support makes a difference to one person and the world!    

Dead Poets Foundation is a nonprofit organization.  

All donations are tax deductible.